Monday, March 2, 2015

Daycare Stories

Here he is one day after daycare, near their parking lot.

One of my favorite things about Stan B's daycare are the anecdotes from his day that they pass on. I never really had that with his two previous places of care. (Actually I did with the first place but the drama that came with that place has overshadowed any positive aspects of it.)

First of all let me just say that when I pick him up he is VERY enthusiastic. He yells, "Mama!" and he comes running to me for a big hug. If he is behind the safety gate he jumps up and down or does a little jig. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I can tell he is very happy there. Once he hugs me he usually then says, "Mama, come." and drags me to one of the rooms to show me something.

While I sign him out I get the stories of the day from his teachers. Here are some that I can remember:

One of his favorite teachers, Brittny, who he loves, will sometimes start her shift just as the kids are waking up from their naps. She poked her head in one day and Stan B saw her, lifted up his head, reached out his hand for her and said, "Bittny!"

On Halloween, he dressed up as Dickie the Cat. When Brittny came in he walked up to her and said, "I kitty cat. Meow."

Whenever he sees the infant teacher, Rebecca, come out of the infant room he shouts, "Becca!" and runs to her.

One day they were folding laundry and Stan B showed interest in helping, so they let him help. He was doing a great job and showing them how he could 'fold' laundry. His teachers told him how impressed they were with his folding skills and all of a sudden he started flinging laundry everywhere. I think he gets this from Mike. Not the flinging of laundry but the terrible way in which he takes compliments. Just say thank you, boys. Anyways, it made his teachers want to laugh hysterically.

When I picked him up from daycare on Monday he was extra chatty. He kept saying, "I'm happy." and "I yike daycare." and "I happy. I yike everything." So I started asking him things like, "Do you like _____?" and "What do you like?" He went on and on. Then I decided to ask him if he liked things that I know he doesn't really like. When I asked him if he liked carrots he said, "I yike daycare." Ha! He also named names of classmates that he likes. It was adorable.

At night as he is in bed he will sometimes say that he is scared. When he does this I tell him to think of all the people he loves and then we list names. He always says at the end, "I think of daycare friends?" It's sweet.

So, we like daycare. They even work with us on the potty training. OOoh. I need to write a post on that. Nothing big but we have a little Poo-Poo Train Chart going with stickers and everything.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Little Screaming Drummer Boy

Here I am secretly recording his drumming, death rock singing performance:

death rocker from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Library Books

We always have library books in our house now. It's fun to throw new stories in the mix. Stan B will often sit down and let me read to him but he's also been going through this stage where he says, "My turn. I read it." He flips through the pages and talks about the story or sometimes just looks at the pictures. Sometimes I'll sneak-read a sentence. In the video you can hear him say "library" and "the end" - which sounds more like, "be end."
library books from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Having a Ball

We finally blew up the exercise ball and it is endless fun for the Bear. Here he is falling down and getting up, laughing and rolling and having a ball!

ball from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Monday, February 23, 2015

The After Dinner Crazies

Stan B usually gets this surge of energy after dinner and right before bedtime. It's like his body is telling him to use up the rest of his gas tank before the day is through. It makes for some good dinnertime entertainment and an extra splashy bathtime followed by a big crash.

Here he is pretending he is a digger and a dumptruck. It's pretty hilarious:

after dinner crazy from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

Here he is being busy as a bee making "food" out of books and trucks and such.

pizza from erin kawamata on Vimeo.