Monday, September 1, 2014

Our Trip to "Idaho"

We drove up to my in-law's house which is about 3 hours north of us here in Idaho and stayed with them for just under 2 weeks. This is the first time we've visited them since we've moved to the famous-potato-having-state. Prior to our trip I kept saying to Stan B, "We're going to go to Idaho!" - and then I'd remember that we were in fact already in Idaho. Ha!

A friend of mine told me about this app for our phones called Road Movies. It gives you three options. You can either record 24, 1 second videos; 12, 2 second videos; or 8, 3 second videos. Then it stitches them all together into one short 27 second movie. You can select music and a filter from the selections that they provide. It's fun! I made 4 videos of our trip up to "Idaho". :)

To Sandpoint, Take I from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

To Sandpoint II from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

To Sandpoint III from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

To Sandpoint IV from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Water Play

Playing in a Rubbermaid-like tub with a paintbrush in the backyard.
Stan B loves to play in the water. I think we've established that here and here. Here he is doing more water play activities.
Making a moat around the garden in the backyard and stopping through it with his rain boots.

Sitting in a a smaller tub and hogging all the water as Stelina looks on.

Painting on the ground with water.

Putting dirt in the pool to make mud.
More water tracing...but this time on the dock at the lake.

Sopping up a sponge and squeezing it out. Over and over again. It ended up in the lake (the sponge). One of the cousins retrieved it. :)
Not pictured is playing in the tub, kitchen sink and bathroom sink. He likes to "wash dishes", "wash hands" and do full on belly flops in the tub (still).

Thursday, August 28, 2014

First BIG Haircut

We've been thinking about getting the Bear's locks cut for awhile. It was getting hard to care for (dreadlocks) and he did not like having his hair combed or washed. When we went to visit the Grandparents his Grandma said she knew a lady that cut small human's hair and that it would be Grandma's treat. Because we are cheap and like a good deal, we obliged! First, let's watch a video of him shaking that head of hair and look at some pictures of his long locks:

long hair from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

crazy, tangly bedhead

beloved curls

His typical hair sweep

Bobbypins are good for keeping the yogurt at bay

swimming pool hair

damp curls

sunlit curls
It's fun to look at those pics of him with long hair...he's had short hair for almost one month now! Here he is in the Tanja's barber chair:
At first she said that he could have a lolly after he got his hair cut but he refused to sit in the chair. I also brought a slushy thinking we could have him sit still eating that. I suggested we give him the lolly during the cut. He never took that thing out of his mouth. He sat still the entire time.
 This is when I had to hold back some tears...I mean, OH MY GAWD:

 And another moment when I had to hold back the tears:

 I kept  some locks:

I think she did a grand job!
Still working on that lolly:

It took Mike and I well over a week to get used to it. It was as if he was a completely different person!

He no longer has that hang-ten edge that the long hair brought but his edge still shines through in his personality.
He definitely knows he got his hair cut because when we got home and Grandpa asked to see his cut he walked over shaking his head a la shampoo commercial and grabbed his short locks as if to say, "See! No more hair!"

Thank you for the treat and the change, Grandma!

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Serious Conversation About Crossing the Street

How do you talk to a two year old about death? Well, this is how I did it...and why I even came about it. I guess I never used the word death or dying because it seemed too scary - to me, that is - he doesn't associate sadness, tragedy or any sort of heaviness with those words I didn't want to put too much fear in him because he is such a fearless explorer most of the time - and I don't want to crush that.

There have been three instances when the Bear has gotten to a street and just about walked into it without looking. The first time we were coming out of a store along the main drag of our town. He walked across the parking lot, I had my eye on him. When he approached the sidewalk I shouted to him to come back as I moved toward him. He usually listens (this is changing). On the other side of the sidewalk was the street. He kept walking. I yelled, "Stanley, get back here, don't go into the street!" Nothing. I yelled louder, "Watch out for cars!" (This usually stops him...not this time.) As he is still not listening and about to step foot in the street I am sprinting towards him as I let out a blood curdling, "NOOOOO!" I nab him, luckily no cars were coming. Heart beating fast I explain to him about the dangers of the road and how cars wiz on by without looking for people entering their path.

I will say that I place a lot of fault upon my shoulders in that moment. I was way too nonchalant, letting him explore on his own. It's no mystery that that's how I try to parent - I try not to hover or barge in unless he really needs me. He is growing fast, not only physically but mentally. He tests me more often (he's two!) He thinks it is funny. He used to stop when I would say his name but not so much anymore. I need to change my tactics.

In the second instance, we were walking to the park near our house. He was pushing his little umbrella stroller while I followed behind him about 4 steps. When we got to the road I assumed he was going to stop because he usually does but he kept going. Thankfully, before he, himself stepped into the street a passing car had stopped and HONKED. That stopped Stanley in his tracks. Again, I firmly explained to him that he needs to stop and look both ways for cars and hold my hand while crossing the street.

The third and scariest moment (or at least the most emotional for me) was when we were playing out front and he was shoeless. He said to me, "Mama, park?" I told him we could go but that he would have to put shoes on first. Then he looked at me and turned around and started running to the park. I yelled, "Stanley! You need to put your shoes on first." He kept running. I shouted, "Stanley! Listen to me!" Nothing. So I bolted after him yelling for him to stop. Nothing. He's fast too. I let out another blood curdling, "NOOOO!" It's the most terrible sounding yell ever. It's part cry, part yell, part major panic. By this time Mike is out of the house because of my screams. Thankfully Stanley stopped at the intersection without going into it but I was too far away to stop him if he ran into the road, so thankfully he stopped. THANK GOODNESS HE STOPPED. Mike got to him before me and picked him up and walked home. I started to cry and Stanley saw me doing so. Mike put him in his crib for 3 minutes. I told Mike that I was at a loss and that I felt the only way for him to learn was to actually get hit by a car. Terrible, I know. I was a mess and come up with the worst ideas when I'm emotional. Thank goodness for rock solid Papa Bear. When the three minutes were up I said to Stan B, "Do you understand why we wanted you to think about what happened? You have to listen to me and your Papa. You have to hold someone's hand when you cross the street. About 15 minutes later we had our shoes on and were ready to go to the park. I repeated again, "We don't run into the street without stopping, looking both ways and holding someone's hand because you could...." And I started crying again and looked up at Mike and said, "How do you even explain this?!" Mike finished my sentence for me and said, "You could get an Owie." I pulled myself together and I said, "A car could hit you and you would get a very big Owie...and Mama and Papa would be very sad."

The next day when we went to the park. Stan B walked with me. When we got near the road, he stopped, squatted, put his arms out and swished them back and forth (as if he were a first base ump signaling that the runner was safe) and said, "Cars. Stop. Walk. Cars." I said, "Yes, let's hold hands and look both ways." He did it. And we crossed without yelling or crying or dying.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Backyard Pool

We bought one of those little backyard pools. Stan B loves it. Although the water is COOOOLLLD! I have lots of splashing video of him. It's pretty great.
Here he is in his goggles

Of course it quickly became a mud bath on our first use.