Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Funny Faces

Right around the 3 year mark the Bear started really loving making funny faces. It was one of his favorite games. At Grandma and Grandpa's house they have these huge mirror doors over the closets in the guest rooms and on our first visit this past summer he had a ball making faces. It cracked him up. He really wanted Grandma to see this (he even says so in the video). I dare you to not smile while watching:

funny faces from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Sand Pit

 When we went to Portland and stayed at our friends Alex and Susan's house they had this amazing sand pit in their back yard. All it was was a dug up hole with sand tossed in. I posted pics of it at the end of this Portland post when it had no sand in it yet. So we did one here at home.
I probably should make it bigger, maybe next spring I will work on that but for now it is a great sand pit for the Bear to get messy in.
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Right at the edge of the pit is a raspberry bush that I didn't notice at all last summer. It's so nice to have our own raspberries!
 Dig a little, snack a little.

Friday, October 2, 2015


With his Beary in the back going around the block.
Our sweet neighbor, Sam, gave the Bear a tricycle. It was so sweet of him. It freaked me out a little because the Bear became so obsessed with it that he didn't want to ride his bike for weeks! I just told myself that it was good for him to practice pedaling. He eventually started riding his bike again because he realized that he couldn't go that fast on the tricycle. He still rides it around the yard and driveway though. 
With trucks and a jar.

The best feature is the little bucket in the back. It tips over like a dump truck. 

He uses his gardening gloves as his bike gloves:

I think it really did help him become acquainted with pedals because when we went to the bike shop and he rode a bike with pedals and training wheels I saw so much improvement! You can watch him pedaling on that bike in the bike store on this post here.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Bear Talk

Instead of saying, "Which one do I want?" he says, "I waaaant....which one?"

One afternoon he was walking around with his kaleidoscope between his legs and saying, "I have a tail! Look at my tail! I'm a cat!" The tail was bigger in the front than in the back...

I was drinking sparkling water one day and he says to me,
"Can I have some sprinkling water?" and when I let him have a taste he says, "Ooooh this is very sprinkly!"

His teacher Mrs. Sweet passed along this story:
One day he had his brown striped hoodie on that is super soft and fuzzy, almost like a cuddly stuffed animal. She said to him and the other kids, "If you want to give someone a hug you should hug S." He quickly responded, "Because I'm a warm cuddly Bear!"

His Wagon-Grill.
He was pushing dirt clods in his wagon around the backyard and says, "Look at my meatballs, Mama. They're in my wagon grill!"

Stripe overload
Me: Your shirt doesn't really match your shorts; are you sure you want to wear that shirt?
Bear: Yes. I love stripes.

Me: Let's go have a bath. It's bath time.
Bear: No. Let's go play horseshoes!
(This really tickled me at the time because his response was so unexpected.)

At bedtime as I was about to shut the door. I told him I loved him and he says,
"I love you all day. I love Papa all day too. Tell him I said that."

This isn't something he said but it's the way he reacted to something that was so funny.

Setting the scene:

We were riding bikes downtown. We were crossing the street at 5th and Main (the Bear was riding in front of me).  A woman was walking her big Doberman Pinscher on a leash. They were about  one step into the crosswalk and we had a couple of strides left to the sidewalk. At that moment there were three young women walking down the sidewalk watching this dog-and-boy-on-bike-meeting about to take place.

Seconds before the pass I say, "Bear, watch out for the dog." He sees it and at that moment the dog stretches it's long neck and nose, pulling at the leash, stretching and extending his owners arm. The sleek dog's big wet nose gets 1/2 an inch to the Bear's head which he pulls back and away with his neck bent to avoid it and his eyes wide; his legs move to a running pace as he yelps, "WHOA!" The dog gets yanked back by it's owner and the Bear still moving at a sprint on his bike onto the sidewalk and past at least two storefronts while I'm yelling, "Stop!! Come back!" The three young ladies are laughing at the scene and one says, "That is the funniest thing I've ever seen." The Bear turns around and has the biggest grin on his face and for a moment all the pedestrians and cyclists (Bear and me) on the corner are in stitches. It was so funny.

Maybe you had to be there?

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Masseuse

I love this boy for so many reasons. One of them is that he volunteers to give me foot and leg massages!

This day he gave me a foot bath with water and a special mix of weeds and mud....

He even breaks out the lotion.

Unfortunately this is a finished leg massage:
Uh, sir! I've still got a pint of lotion on my legs!

He also loves getting massages and back scratches. He says, "I want a back scatch, Mama." or "I want a 'ssage, Mama." He is very particular about his massages. He will grab his calf muscles and say, "I want this!" It's adorable.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Haircut

Back at the beginning of July I took the Bear for Great Clips for a hair cut (we drove all the way to Washington! Ha!) It was a good experience for all. When we arrived we were the 8th people in line! They were busy! Luckily the wait wasn't long but while we waited we observed.  Here is what I recall of our conversation:

The Bear sees a stylist using a spray bottle to wet a man's hair and with concern he says,
"They will do that to me?"
"Yes, it help keep the hair from flying around everywhere."
"I don't want the spray bottle."
"Are you afraid of the water getting in your eyes?"
"Yeah," he says almost crying.
"What if I cover your eyes with my hands for you while the stylist sprays?"
Reassured, "O.K."

The Bear sees a stylist with electric clippers.
"I don't want that."
"The clippers?"
"Do they seem scary to you?"
"I guess we don't have to use them on you but the stylist knows what she/he is doing and the clippers won't cut you. They are probably safer than scissors....When you go sit in the chair we can tell the stylist about these things."

Here he is getting the clipper treatment:

.....He giggled the entire time. 

With a short do:

He's already ready for another cut. His hair grows so quickly.

Monday, September 28, 2015


 I recently put up another post on his drawing here. I wanted to share more! Above is a picture of 2 1/2 pears. I thought they were pretty good! Below is supposed to be a rocket ship:

This is a scary spider:

I think this was his rhino stage...so that thing with four arms sticking out of it is a rhino...maybe.

He really enjoys this little chalkboard that hangs in the kitchen. He says about this drawing, "This tiger has a lot of eyes and a really long mouth."

This is a tiger and a monkey:

This is also a tiger:

He also enjoys tracing the edge of the board and making crossing lines like so:

Here he is drawing on his chalkboard easel:

Here is something that he made from daycare:
It's a moose! The next drawing post I do you will see stuff from his new school. It is not at all like the moose above that he did at daycare. There was a lot of teacher involvement with art at daycare (i.e. pre cut shapes, direction, coloring book sheets). At his new school there is no teacher involvement. It's really awesome. I can't wait to show you.