Friday, January 22, 2016

Bear Talk

Here he is helping bring gifts to the mama to be. It was hilarious. He was so determined.
Sometimes the Bear will show such interest in music and other times he'll have none at all. The day that David Bowie died the radio was playing Bowie songs all day long. As we pulled into our driveway at home Space Oddity came on. He said, "Mama, can you leave the car on so we can listen to the rest of this song?" I said, "Yes! But let's keep driving around." So I pulled out of our snowy driveway as the lyrics, "Ground control to Major Tom" began - I cried. Then we listened to the song as we drove around the neighborhood and looked at Christmas lights and I thought, there will be people born tomorrow who will not be alive at the same time that Bowie was alive. And then I glanced back at the Bear, oblivious to Bowie's death, playing the air drums in his car seat with a smile. The music lives on.


I had a Willie Nelson CD playing in the car one day and the song My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys came on. There is a lyric that says, "I burned up my childhood days." and the Bear immediately said, "Why did he say burned up my childhood?" And of course I didn't hear it so I played it back and talked to  him about the literal and the figurative in speech in the best toddler way I could. The song Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain also by Willie, came on another day and the lyric, "love is like a dyin' ember" played. The Bear again heard it and said, "Why did he say dying?" So I said, "Remember the other day when I was talking to you about metaphors?" Hahaha. Who knows if he understood but I again tried to explain it. I ended it by saying that I would always love him and he said, "I love all my family and friends and my friend's neighbors. I love everything! I love those people going to the grocery store!" Haha. Anyways, he is so good at listening whereas I almost never hear the lyrics but am more of a melody gal. Because of his questions I've started to pay attention to the lyrics which is fun.


One day he was playing with his mini skateboard (small enough for his lego guy to ride). He said, "Do you know what this skateboard guy's name is?"
Me: What?
Bear: Skateboard Guy.



Papa was telling him a bedtime story and he yells to me from his room, "I love you, Mama!" Then he points to Pops and says, "I love you!" and then, "I love me!" and finally, "I love that wall!"


Bear: When will spring be here? (The ground is covered in snow)
Me: Hopefully April but probably May...I miss the sun and the warmth.
Bear: I miss the dirt.

Of course.


I take a picture of him and afterwards he asks to see the picture. I show it to him and he snorts and says in a jolly way, "Oh, darn it." I asked why he said that and he said, "Because I love me."

If I could figure out how to bottle his confidence at take a dose of it on a daily basis!


Friday, January 15, 2016

Bear Talk

Me: What are you fighting?
Bear: A train-of-forest!
train-of-forest = Tyrannosaurus

When we got to our second airport (without flying anywhere - delays) and after weeks of telling him we would be flying on a plane we were looking out the window at our gate. Far off we saw lights in front of us (it was night time) but then we finally saw the plane getting closer and closer to the gate the Bear turns around to the full waiting room, runs towards Mike and shouts happily, "The plane is here! The plane is here!" It was the most adorable airport announcement ever.

When we got on the plane to go to Maui he grabbed his sunglasses and put them on and said, "I need my sunglasses on so I can see the earf."
earf = earth

Bear: Mama, did you know that mosquitoes drink a type of drink called blood?

Bear: Did you know...pigs come from pork.

The Bear and Stelina got into a dramatic fight. He was playing with a car that she wanted and he wouldn't give it up. She got upset, he got upset. There was yelling and crying. The next morning he says, "Mama, pretend you are Stelina and ask me for this car."
Me: Can I have that car?
Bear: No.

hahaha. About 30 seconds later he came to me and said he was done playing with it and let me have it.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Stories We Tell

I have decided to cut back on the blogging a bit. (Sorry Mom). I feel like I am just throwing up videos and it's all completely uninspired and it takes a lot of time to do - even if it is uninspired work!

I want to focus on something that is more inspired and to use the time that I have for myself - which I feel like I haven't really had since the Bear was born - to do things that I want to do for myself whether it be crocheting/knitting (starting up my etsy store again), embroidery/cross-stitch, writing, animation (!!!), photography, reading or meditation! 

I will still blog but not everyday. My goal will be to put up posts that are meaningful, helpful, or things that I just want to share about the Bear. I know my Mom loves the Bear Talk posts, so I will continue doing those. If there are any types of posts you like best (indoor activities, arts/crafts, parenting, etc) please comment below...because I really do this for my friends and family who live far from us and would love to know what you like! 

Thanks for following along for however long you've stuck around. I do hope you keep checking in on us. Also, if you are on instagram I post to that almost daily. You can follow me at emikoerin. :)

My latest inspiration has to do with these made up stories that the Bear tells me each night. It starts by him telling me what to tell a story about: "Mama, tell me a story about a tiger!" and then I tell him a made-up, off-the-cuff story about a tiger. Then it's my turn to tell him something to tell a story about. For awhile I would say things that I knew he liked: tiger, crocodile, dinosaur - but they just got way too violent (!) So one night I thought I would pick a different topic so I said, "Tell me a story about a tree." He then started in on his story, "Once upon a time, there was a CROCODILE!" haa! and his story ended up being about a crocodile who ate all the trees. Oy vey. Anyhoo, read/listen to one of his stories below...about a flower.

The Flower Story from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

I want to learn how to animate so that I can animate his stories...wish me luck and patience. Until next time. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Salt Letters

We have this awesome alphabet puzzle where you can stand the letters up at the top of the board. Months ago I saw a fun activity that was both sensory and abecedary (I just learned that word! I hope I'm using it correctly.) You basically put salt (or sand) in a shallow container and have letters on cards or in our case letters from a puzzle!

This is the letter "P"
To do this activity you simply choose a letter and then try to draw it with your finger in the salt. 

Here he is selecting a letter by standing it up at the top of the board.
To erase the letter you can gently shake the shallow dish or spread the salt out with your hands.

"It's an 'O' Mama!"
 He really had fun with it.

Here he is in action:
salt letters from erin kawamata on Vimeo.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Here we are on a cold rainy day at the Hamilton Indoor Recreation center in town. He love being able to check out any type of ball (suitable for an indoor gym) and kick or bounce it around. We have gone several times this winter so far. It's free!

He is practicing his dribbling here:

dribbling 1 from erin kawamata on Vimeo.